My Apology to WordPress

So when I started this thing I figured I’d post more often… but look what has happened. I’ve forgotten you WordPress, and I’m sorry. I’ve been rather pre-occupied with work lately, so much so that I haven’t even taken the time to write a single little blurb… for almost half a year! What’s the matter with me? So give me a second chance will you? Let me show you that I’m dedicated to our relationship and will make an effort to make our lives better… together. I promise you at least one post a week, sound good? I just can’t commit to more than that at the moment, but I’ll try my best… for us.

Let’s see, what has happened in the past four months or so:
– September: Was in Boston for about three weeks
– October: ? Hmm… what the hell did I do in October?
– November: Made a last minute decision to visit the moms in the O.C. for Thanksgiving
– December: Note to self, need to buy Christmas presents

Oh, and recently finished a redesign of Nothing too fancy, just basic HTML and a lil bit of JavaScript. Anyways, more posts to come.


Dell 2007WFP (sweeeeeet…)

Well, it’s been a long time coming but I finally have a computer monitor that fits me perfectly. I’ve had a 17″ normal CRT monitor since my college days (it’s somewhere around 4-5 years old) and while there is nothing wrong with it… I had no clue what I was missing. The 2007WFP boasts a 20″ wide-screen and has a native resolution of 1680X1050. I’m telling you, my desktop never looked so damn sexy. My 17″ monitor I normally run at 1280X1024, the new 2007WFP is about a 35% increase in desktop space. That may not seem like much, but looking at my two monitors side-by-side, there is no comparison. In fact, now when I look at my 17″ CRT the thing looks slightly blurred and I wonder how I ever used the thing. Typical users (and by typical I mean old people who can’t read small text) of a 17″ monitor probably have a 1024X768, now in their case the increase in desktop space is more than double.

First thing’s first, don’t buy a monitor from Dell unless they are offering discounts or you have a coupon. Dell regularly has sales on their website and if you are in the market for a monitor, wait until Dell has theirs on sale. My monitor was ordered on a Tuesday night (at about 11pm), so I figured my order would take a day or two to ship, and I didn’t pay extra, so the Dell website said 3-5 business days for shipping. To my astonishment the delivery man was knocking on my door Thursday at about 5:30pm. I didn’t expect it until the weekend or beginning of the following week, so that was a great surprise. Anyways, I’ll tell the rest of the story with some pictures (unfortunately they were taken on my old 2 megapixel digital camera).

Inside the box:

The stand on top:

After taking the stand out:

Oh yes Dell, you know how to excite a geek:

After following the very complicated instructions:


The ol’ CRT gets a new home:

Yes, I’m a computer geek:

Unfortunately my camera does not do the monitor justice, it is bright, sharp and damn sexy. In fact right now (I started this post a week ago and never got around to finishing it) I’m no longer using my CRT, I connect to my laptop via RealVNC. Oh, I should mention that the monitor does support more than one input method (VGA, S-Video, Composite, and DVI-D), but I’d rather not have to hit the switch input button everytime I want to look at my laptop. I was a little bit hesitant about choosing this monitor, but I don’t have a single complaint, I can never go back to old clunky CRTs.

And now I have all this space:

Why the Wii?

Remember the Power Glove for Nintendo? No?! Well for those of you that don’t, it looked something like this:

It was for Nintendo… and it totally sucked. My brother and I got this elaborate piece of crap most likely after begging our parents to buy it. Although it was a long time ago, I remember waving my hand around trying to get Mario to jump and becoming incredibly frustrated by his non-responsive diet-needing ass. Was it Mario’s fault? Of course not, perhaps it was due to the fact that you had to be wired like Robocop to get the damn thing to work. That flashy ad above is great and all, but look at this thing:

“The glove was somewhat difficult to use; in order for the glove to register with the ultrasonic sensors, one had to keep their knuckles pointing at them at all times. In addition, since each finger had 4 positions, it is difficult to have disparate fingers in different positions simultaneously. Thus, while it was possible to control 16 different states simultaneously, most people have difficulty keeping the ring and index fingers straight, while bending the middle finger. [-wikipedia]” Somewhat difficult to use? Somewhat… try impossible. Unless you are a master finger pupeteer you ain’t getting shit done with this thing.

Now Nintendo has been hard at work developing the Wii. Anyone who has heard about the Wii knows about it’s unique motion-sensitive remote. Umm… is it just me or is this thing the Power Glove all over again? Sure technology has come a long way and it’s wireless, but that doesn’t eliminate the fact that motion-sensing remotes aren’t for traditional console gaming. I really cannot see how this remote is going to make a game that much more fun. I’m sorry Nintendo, but do you really expect me to stand up in front of my TV and play virtual paintbrush or a thrilling round of golf with that thing? Just think, you too can look almost as cool as these kids:

The remote will appeal to kids between the ages of 5-11… anyone older than that… I have a hard time believing they will be standing in front of their TV for hours on end battling through Red Steel trying to make themselves think they really have a sword in their hands. However, I have yet to actually try the Wii’s remote, so I’m mostly speculating here… it is Nintendo after all, hopefully the Wii’s remote won’t suck as bad as the Power Glove.

Well Hello…

In an effort to make my life more exciting I've decided to start sharing some of my brilliant knowledge with the world. I currently work for a relatively small company in which I play the role of Programmer, Database Administrator, Web Developer, and Graphic Designer… to name a few. The programs I most frequently use throughout the course of the day are Dreamweaver, Access, Photoshop, SQL Server, and Outlook. I have a strong interest in programming and web development which leads me to spend a good majority of my time 'fiddling' with code. What really gains my interest is seeing if I can get the computer to do something that will make my life easier. Where this mostly ends up taking me is somewhere relatively geeky… either searching for code online that I can use at my job to make our work more efficient or attempting to innovate and come up with my own solutions. On top of this I prefer to design attractive interfaces… which is what led me to learn how to use Photoshop.

Prior to finishing college with a major in Computer Science (what else) I came up with some extra cash doing web design. I taught myself HTML and eventually was designing Flash websites from the ground up. One thing I am proud of is the fact that the majority of the computer-related knowledge I have is from teaching myself. College gave me a good background in object-oriented programming (OOP) and other important concepts such as algorithm efficiency, but most of the knowledge I have is through my own trial and error. For example, when I grew tired of programming in C and C++ and wanted to design a window based application as opposed to a console command line app, I taught myself how to program in C# using the Microsoft .NET framework.

Anyways, hopefully this will be a good outlet for me in the future where I can share some of my computer knowledge with the rest of you. After all, today is my 25th birthday, perhaps it is time I do something productive 😉