Installing Acrobat Reader 8 on Windows Vista

Vista, you continue to disappoint like the bastard stepchild of XP you are. Perhaps this is Adobe’s fault, perhaps Vista… either way I came across another issue today using Windows Vista. When I downloaded the Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 for Vista file and ran the .exe, it extracted to a temporary directory and after that, I get this error message:

“The Temp folder is on a drive that is full or inaccessible. Free up space on the drive or verify that you have write permission the the Temp folder.”

Umm, what? I double checked everything I could. I have full permissions on the entire drive and the Temp folder. Cleared out the Temp folder to make it empty, etc, etc, etc. Here is the only workaround I could figure out. When the error message comes up Navigate to the \Users folder on the drive that Vista is installed on. Then \Username\AppData\LocalLow\Netopsystems\temp. (Note: If you can’t see the AppData folder, click Organize on the toolbar, then Folder and Search Options, click the view tab then choose the option that says ‘Show hidden files and folders’, or type it into the address bar directly) Copy the Acrobat Reader 8.0 folder to your desktop. Now you can click OK to the above dialog which will delete the folder we just copied.

Now on the desktop open the folder we just copied and run Setup. That’s it, should proceed through installation without any errors. You can then delete the copied folder on your desktop when installation is complete. Hopefully this will help some people out who have had the same problem.


24 Responses to “Installing Acrobat Reader 8 on Windows Vista”

  1. James Says:

    Hi, just a heads up – You can easily work around this by running the installer in Win XP compatability mode – this works fine. So strange, you’d think a software giant like Adobe would be on top of things like Vista, especially considering Reader 8 is fresh off the plate.

  2. buckwheats Says:

    Thanks for the feedback James… that didn’t occur to me. Good idea 🙂 Maybe next time (cause who knows with Vista, there will probably be a next time) I’ll try that.

  3. Spyros Says:

    Thanks for your solve. Really a bad error. The funny is in Vista ultimate this error dosen’t appear but in home premium.

  4. sprayzee Says:

    Actually I got the error in Vista Ultimate as well. The work around worked great – thanks.

  5. buckwheats Says:

    Appreciate the feedback on this one. I also have Vista Ultimate so I don’t think it’s limited to certain versions of Vista.

  6. oxubo Says:

    Thank you for the solution 😀

  7. tdaddy11 Says:

    Thanks for the fix. On a side note DO NOT INSTALL ATT VPN on Vista. Bad things will happen…very bad things!

  8. tdaddy11 Says:

    Thanks for the fix. On a side note DO NOT INSTALL ATT VPN on Vista. Bad things will happen…very bad things.

  9. Joe Says:

    Thanks, buckwheats. As our good friend Alice might say, curiouser and curiouser…

  10. Paul Says:

    Works by using ‘use XP SP2 Compatibility Mode’ on Vista Ultimate

    Why does Vista have these damn permissions! Maybe they need a lamer button! lol

  11. Lynn Says:

    This solution worked for me as well. Thanks for saving me more time and headaches.

  12. Nailz Says:

    Seems to be a compatibility issue, and with such a new OS, you have to make allowances. Another, easier work around:

    Right click on the downloaded installer file, click properties, click on “Compatibility” tab, then “Run this file in compatibility mode for” and select windows XP SP 2. Problem solved. 😉

  13. CJ Says:

    LOL! Thanks for calling attention to this. Here it is, months later, and Adobe STILL hasn’t posted a VISTA-compatible installer. DUH! Thanks for the fix!

  14. Jose Luis Says:

    So i was having a hard time and then i found this very much appreciated tip of: “properties, compatibility and run this file in windows xp….. IT WORKS JUST FINE

  15. adobes little problem Says:

    Thanks I also had this problem!

  16. ron_jeremy Says:

    This exact thing was happening to me. I had disabled Vista’s UAC. After (temporarily) enabling it, Acrobat installed just fine without any tricks needed. Then I turned UAC off again 🙂

  17. Dave Says:

    Works here as well…funny thing is, I never had any problems w/ Adobe reader in alll the beta versions of Vista I used.

  18. steven Says:

    Thanks very much for the workaround on installing Acrobat Reader 8 on a vista… I wished that MS would have made certain all programs existing and forthcoming would’ve worked before releasing this vista to the public.. “those idiots” (MSoft that is)…

    thanks again.

  19. Frustration Says:

    Hello all.
    I was frustrated …It was killing me.. None of the above worked. And then it came to me:

    Just strart the program AcroRead instead of the Setup.
    Must work for everyone…

  20. Daniel Says:

    Thank you for posting this 🙂

  21. Padmanaban Says:


    Thanks for the workaround…

  22. Dennis Says:

    Well, I tried the compatibility with installs of 8.0, 8.12, and 9.x(?), and I can’t install. In order, I get, “Failed Extraction”, stalls at 78.7 every time, and at 99.90% setup.exe crashes.

    I DID have 8.12 installed, but turbotax website said I had no adobe installed. So I downloaded the 9.x installer, and this saga started. Now, no acrobat compatiblity.

    B******s. I have promoted adobe acrobat since before it became the dominant manual software, 10 years ago or more. This is really disappointing.

    I’m on a new Vista Machine, about 6 months old.

  23. mani Says:

    Thank you for your information

  24. essiepowell30863 Says:

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