Vista… Don’t Try to Copy and Paste >:-O

So I got my hands on the final release of Windows Vista and all was good in the computerland. Today I was doing a little housecleaning on the computer, moving files here and there, deleting some crap and to my surprise, Vista gave me the following when trying to copy a file:

Error 0x800705AD. Ohh, well of course…. I should have known error 0x800705AD means the user tried to COPY AND PASTE. Are you shitting me?! Insufficient quota? WTF are you talking about Vista. First let’s check that I have enough disk space:

Ok, now by my calculations 413 MBs < 22.8 GBs. I can normally figure out almost any computer related problem. I Googled and scoured the net and found that some people are having this problem as well, but I can’t find a solution. The Microsoft Knowledgebase also has nothing regarding it either. I also tried turning on Quota Management for the disk, taking full ownership of the file, etc, etc, etc… this one has me stumped. When I copy the file via the command prompt there is no problem:

Vista, you clearly suck and have a problem copying large files. Did Microsoft overlook this big an issue? I highly doubt it… if anyone has any insight here I’d appreciate some feedback (I’m not using RC1 or Beta2, I have the final Build 6000). I don’t get this error for other files that are smaller in size… I’m guessing somewhere around the 400mbs size it starts to occur.


38 Responses to “Vista… Don’t Try to Copy and Paste >:-O”

  1. Ben Says:

    I have had problems with copying small files from my vista drive (a 74gb raptor) to my files drive (a 250gb Hitachi) Vista is annoying me!!!!

  2. Christian Evans Says:

    I have a similar problem. I have a brand new install of vista (installed about 6 hours ago). when trying to copy large batches of files from a portable 320gb USB2 hard drive to an internal SATA drive and nothing (and i actually mean nothing) happens. No error message, no increase in CPU activity, no new process, no RAM usage increase, litereally nothing. If i try and copy the exact same files, but in considerably smaller batches it works fine. I guess there must be some kind of buffer problem, and thought maybe it was just me, but having spent a few mins searching the net i see i am clearly not the only person. Vista does not generate an error code to report, and offers no insight to the problem / solution. I guess we will have to wait for patch day. If i was to offer some kind of advice to anyone currently using the retail version of windows it would have to be simply this… “New OS, expect problems”, over the first few months try and embrace all the new features and eye candy instead of worrying about things that are not quite right. A fix will come.

  3. jeff Says:

    I have the same problem error but it happens when the cache clears to write the data after dl a 700 meg iso.
    I only have 250 gigs of available space to do it.
    Guess it needs a terrabyte for space.

  4. Jester Crew Says:

    I have this problem as well, it occures when i try to move large amounts of data with Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V.

    I also experiense occationally that files moved in this mannor, across a network, tends to “self-destruct”. I’m able to open the files directly after the transfer, but later on the file corrupts. (All Clean and scanned PCs)

  5. Much Says:

    YES, I have all of the same problems. Sometimes a file will corrupt immidiately after it transfers over the network.

  6. Greg Says:


    I also had this problem when I added a new Vista machine to me home net. Could transfer small files to the XP server, but not very large ones (video). After much head bashing and gnashing of teeth, I discovered that this is, at least in part, a XP Home vs. XP Pro issue. That is to say that once I discovered there are network permissions missing from Home and included in Pro I upgraded me server to Pro (had a copy laying around). Issue solved. Geez, you think MS could be kind enough to just post this on there site as a possible work-around.

    I realize this isn’t an option for everyone, but maybe it will help somebody find a real solution for Home users.


  7. name Says:

    vista is shite, get LINUX!

  8. mike Says:

    I’m using vista.. on this site.. yeah really, and all the shit I just typed went the hell away.. the whole page just vanished.. no errors.. no nothing.. so I’m not typing it again.

    Piss off Vista…

  9. mike Says:

    not to mention that it didn’t even ask me to “Close all tabs?”

    I guess they closed it for me since I was downing the vista .. it is keylogged? Be your own judge but I KNOW what me and my employees just saw!

  10. Christian Evans Says:

    “name Says:
    May 14th, 2007 at 12:45 pm
    vista is shite, get LINUX!”

    There is always one huh! Thank you for your constructive response, iIll be sure to take that on board, NOT. But i’m sure you have been a great help to anyone who was / is expirencing Vista problems, i just don’t understand why we did not think of it earlier. Problem solved huh….

  11. n/a Says:

    had had the errors in XP PRO when I had it installed, and no I do have vista, I never did report the problem because there were no easy way to report it and or I couldn’t find out how, it happened when naming a update file I manually downloaded as a very long name.exe file, and it was on a fix the DRM crap, I saved the name in a text file, anyway went to copy it to my D drive, and it killed explorer, 😦 the error was in the 0x range to…soo anyway I myself switched to ubuntu and am using the desktop effects with some settings from GL desktop and it works wonderfully smooth.. 😛 and everything runs better than when I had XP 2.66ghz 512mb RAM P4 processor 4600i dell computer… and more stable… search google for shipit ubuntu for a free CD sent to you without any shipping and handling but some wait, or download it off of the site ubuntu if you have a fast connection, the ISO I mean…

  12. Kwing Says:

    I have Vista, and I have a problem pasting even one character from the internet onto Microsoft Works Word Processor. The way I have to do it is to paste it onto Notepad, copy it from there, and then paste it into Word. (D-X)

  13. Greg Says:

    a similar problem here too.

    vista won’t allow me to copy and paste a simple image from one program to another when I’ve done it a million times on XP

    really pissin me off too!!

  14. Shinji Says:

    yeah well atleast you guys got to send small files… vista is shitting me to the max… it won’t let me copy even 10mb music files, i don’t know any other way to copy music from a dvd data cd to my music folder in the computer… this is absolutely rediculous, do any of you know another way to do this?

  15. karabela Says:

    i have the same problem. when i copy a file to (source doesnt matter) its going to calculate the estimated time. the file size is 1Mb. what is vista calculating. im copying from one folder to another folder.

  16. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  17. Hellen Says:

    I want to ask you something. I have Vista and when I click copy paste, or when I want to copy with mouse by moving folder + CTRL, nothing happens. Actually after sometime I can see that files are copied but I dont have that small how to say window (status bar) that it is showing percent and time left…

    Somebody maybe knows how to turn this on?!

    Help me please… It is so frustrating!!! 🙂

  18. roy Says:

    i’ve had the same problems too. a simple drap & drop task and vista says it needs special permission, etc. i don’t understand what it means since i’m logged in as the administrator. boo VISTA.

  19. ben Says:

    I bought Vista Ultimate Upgrade for 199.00 at best buy. It was discounted from 260.00, so I bought it because I really wanted the 64 bit version. Creative’s Audigy 4 driver sounds like nails on a blackboard in the 64 bit OS and pretty good in the 32 bit OS. I have a Q6600 @ 3.3Ghz in a P5k-Deluxe and just bought a eVGA-8800GT to play Flight Simulator and Crysis. There is NO Nvidia Support for Vista in either OS that will let me use even FS at my native resolution of 1360×768 without BSOD. Copying files in 64 bit OS would suddenly use 3.97GB of ram out of 4GB and the whole system comes to a crawl when copying large files. And that’s IF Vista lets you!
    In 32 bit copying files is SLOW. The screen keeps blanking out intermittently due to Nvidia’s lack of effective support for Vista, this in 32bit OS. This is criminal, the OS is nowhere near ready for final release, even as M$ is about to release SP1.

  20. hez Says:

    I have the same problem as Kwings with the copy and pasting. It wont even let me paste one letter and it says I’m exceeding space and that what I’m trying to paste is too large….I don’t know why it started doing this because it never did it before but the pasting it to notepad first was a good idea! You saved me from doing a lot of extra unnecessary work! thanks!

  21. nickolas t davies Says:

    same problem vista refuses to copy and pste from hdd to hdd or pc to pc over network any size files. im thinking of going to back to xp, i would try linux if it wasnt for the fact that most my hardware will be in redused functinality and their is no way i can play my dx9-dx10 games, damit

  22. fernando Says:

    Don’t you all get it. Microsoft wants you to buy Office 2007, for a tidy price of around $500.00. Same thing with the back up wizard not working. Simply go out and buy a 750 Gb media drive for about $300.00. Simple economics 101.

  23. iain Says:

    I have the same problem. I can’t copy and paste a 20mb file it just hangs. I tried disabeling the autotuning level and still get the same problem.
    20mb its a fucking joke! it goes through the motions of copying and pasting but when ou check the details it is doing nothing. I waited over an hour for it and still nothing.
    i already have office 2007 and the still the problem exists.

  24. Oliver Says:

    LOL – I cant even copy and paste text in Office 2007. NOthing happens and after pressing pste repeatedl i eventual get “PowerPoint has fond an error. You should save your work and close PowerPoint”. Excellent. Currently having to retype chunks of text as I cant find a solution!

  25. Fahim Says:

    I’m so happy I finally found a large group of people with this same problem. I’ve been trying to transfer my itunes music library all at once from my 300 GB external, but it will only allow me to copy in increments of roughly 200-500 MBs

  26. Steve Says:

    yeah, great, we all have to same problem.. woohoo….
    but how the fuck do we fix iit?!?!?!?!

  27. kerim Says:

    i always download torrents…
    when they are done downloading …
    i always copy the file to my videos…
    but nothing happens!!!

    beeep you vista

  28. Genie Says:

    I agree. I cut and pasted some images from my phone to My Pictures, and the worst thing happened. All of the images dissapeared. I’ve tried searching but to no avail. XP worked perfectly normal with this sorta thing, but Vista just FAILS. Now, I’ve lost my files and am very upset.

  29. Blaide Says:


    It wont let me copy deamon tools of my fathers pc GRRR.
    im pretty sure vista is latin for Crap
    im going back to good old xp
    wich i didnt pay for

    Stupid M$ making sure i get annoyed
    Grrrrrrrrrrrr I have now basically tried every way possible to be able to copy and paste in vista
    so now im probably just going to xp it
    cause vista likes anal

  30. Your mum.. Says:

    I bloody hate vista its so shit.. ive had my mobile and its fine and i was putting music on it, on my computer with xp worked perfectly a new laptop for christmas with god damn vista which everyone makes out to be great yeah its fast on the internet but who the hell cares so is every other thing if its not fucked up with viruses anyway back to the point connected my phone with the ermmm usb wire thingie and tried to put music on it.. it didnt work i tried drag and drop..didnt work i tried copy and paste..didnt work i give up -_-

    Vista is shit. End of.

  31. Says:

    Buying an Apple next time, I can’t copy or paste anything from the start of first turning on my laptop. These issues become huge when trying to do simple tasks.


  32. jeers Says:

    hmmm… it is now almost May 2009 and we are still having the same problem…any solutions yet???????????

  33. Frank Says:

    I thought I was the only one that disliked Vista. Why would microsoft make such an incompatible product with their other system (eg. Outlook) Is there any action we can take agaist microsoft for pain and suffering after buying such a bad product. What would we do if we bought a table with a bad leg. We would bring it back and demand our money back. When we buy a computer with software that is not good or to our liking we tend to look for fixes instead. MS has a real good lock on this market and we the consumers are letting them get away with it.
    The big reason why I buy a PC is so that I can still run my software from the old computer. With Vista not many thing seem compatible.
    My next computer will be an apple. In fact if I could get my money bak for this one I would go out and buy an apple right away.

  34. dv4u Says:

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    Hope they would help you solve yours too.

  35. Snaketonque Says:

    Open a second Windows Explorer and you can possibly do copy paste then. Sometimes it works.

  36. Laverna Reiser Says:

    [..] A little unrelated, but I really liked this site post [..]

  37. Kid Says:


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