My Apology to WordPress

So when I started this thing I figured I’d post more often… but look what has happened. I’ve forgotten you WordPress, and I’m sorry. I’ve been rather pre-occupied with work lately, so much so that I haven’t even taken the time to write a single little blurb… for almost half a year! What’s the matter with me? So give me a second chance will you? Let me show you that I’m dedicated to our relationship and will make an effort to make our lives better… together. I promise you at least one post a week, sound good? I just can’t commit to more than that at the moment, but I’ll try my best… for us.

Let’s see, what has happened in the past four months or so:
– September: Was in Boston for about three weeks
– October: ? Hmm… what the hell did I do in October?
– November: Made a last minute decision to visit the moms in the O.C. for Thanksgiving
– December: Note to self, need to buy Christmas presents

Oh, and recently finished a redesign of Nothing too fancy, just basic HTML and a lil bit of JavaScript. Anyways, more posts to come.


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