Dell 2007WFP (sweeeeeet…)

Well, it’s been a long time coming but I finally have a computer monitor that fits me perfectly. I’ve had a 17″ normal CRT monitor since my college days (it’s somewhere around 4-5 years old) and while there is nothing wrong with it… I had no clue what I was missing. The 2007WFP boasts a 20″ wide-screen and has a native resolution of 1680X1050. I’m telling you, my desktop never looked so damn sexy. My 17″ monitor I normally run at 1280X1024, the new 2007WFP is about a 35% increase in desktop space. That may not seem like much, but looking at my two monitors side-by-side, there is no comparison. In fact, now when I look at my 17″ CRT the thing looks slightly blurred and I wonder how I ever used the thing. Typical users (and by typical I mean old people who can’t read small text) of a 17″ monitor probably have a 1024X768, now in their case the increase in desktop space is more than double.

First thing’s first, don’t buy a monitor from Dell unless they are offering discounts or you have a coupon. Dell regularly has sales on their website and if you are in the market for a monitor, wait until Dell has theirs on sale. My monitor was ordered on a Tuesday night (at about 11pm), so I figured my order would take a day or two to ship, and I didn’t pay extra, so the Dell website said 3-5 business days for shipping. To my astonishment the delivery man was knocking on my door Thursday at about 5:30pm. I didn’t expect it until the weekend or beginning of the following week, so that was a great surprise. Anyways, I’ll tell the rest of the story with some pictures (unfortunately they were taken on my old 2 megapixel digital camera).

Inside the box:

The stand on top:

After taking the stand out:

Oh yes Dell, you know how to excite a geek:

After following the very complicated instructions:


The ol’ CRT gets a new home:

Yes, I’m a computer geek:

Unfortunately my camera does not do the monitor justice, it is bright, sharp and damn sexy. In fact right now (I started this post a week ago and never got around to finishing it) I’m no longer using my CRT, I connect to my laptop via RealVNC. Oh, I should mention that the monitor does support more than one input method (VGA, S-Video, Composite, and DVI-D), but I’d rather not have to hit the switch input button everytime I want to look at my laptop. I was a little bit hesitant about choosing this monitor, but I don’t have a single complaint, I can never go back to old clunky CRTs.

And now I have all this space:


5 Responses to “Dell 2007WFP (sweeeeeet…)”

  1. mx_ Says:

    In your last screenshot I noticed a little transparent quick-launch box on top, with application icons. Would you please reveal what program does that?

  2. John Doe Says:

    Yes, please point us to that navbar thing.

    My 2007WFP arrived next week, can´t wait.

  3. buckwheats Says:

    I will make a post regarding this, the program you see is called RocketDock and can be downloaded at

  4. Buck’s Blog » Blog Archive » Application Launchers (OSX Dock in Windows) Says:

    […] I just noticed some comments on my Dell 2007WFP post regarding the transparent application launcher at the top of my screenshot. These applications are known as ‘Docks’ and basically they mimic the Dock in OSX. There are a number of different programs that you can use that achieve this effect. Here are a few off the top of my head: – RocketDock – ObjectDock – YzDock – RKLauncher […]

  5. mx_ Says:

    Thanks a lot guys.

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